The Trouble Signs at a Glance

Financial Incompatibility

Finances can be a window into a person's values. Financial mismanagement is a huge reason that couples seek therapy or split up. For example, a spouse who values materialism and spending paychecks right away has a different set of values than a spouse who saves money and prioritizes experiences. Divergent financial values often breed resentment and signal long-term incompatibility.

Loss of a Sense of Self

The partners in many successful marriages are usually healthy individuals. They maintain their own friend circles and activities. They seek out adventures that do not always involve their partner. When a couple does everything together, they tend to feel stifled. They lose themselves and could wind up in a co-dependent relationship. Therapy can help, but sometimes each person needs to include some private time.

Invalidated Feelings

When partners often say things such as, "You're crazy," "You always complain about this," "I'm tired of hearing this," or "You're taking this out of proportion," it is a sign that they no longer consider their partner’s feelings. When partners communicate ineffectively, serious damage to the relationship will be the result. Most divorce lawyers know that without serious effort to communicate properly, a marriage is doomed.

Additional Trouble Signs

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